Monday, 10 January 2011

10th of Jan 2011...A brand New Year

last friday i was so upset and felt lot of pressure..
regarding whats???
that's about my career...
i kenal WARNING from my senior colleague...
cause i always sleep late to work and i still havent hit my target yet...
after i get lot of troubler cause my client need the product urgently
and my company processing ISO so can't do it..
lot lot lot of troubler and my phone keep on ringing for nonstop
i was so so so emo at that day
however at the same day, there's my bro birthday,
i must go and celebrate with him and use lot of money
now i am totally BANKRUPTCY....
who's care? nobody

bla bla bla
bla bla bla
saturday and sunday gone...
3 days use RM300 for nothing....

today morning i early morning back to office...
ON time...but i don dare to get in office cause of friday's case..
at the end i went also...
my senior colleague ask me to have a small briefing with him..
he ask me to plan my daily schedule and do it...
so start from today i promise myself i must do it..
he help me lot and i don want to disappointed him and myself also..

Let's START it right now...

-Isaac Takashi-


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